Owen Lonzar

This pandemic has brought out the worst and the best in people. It has levelled the playing field in so many ways but not in the ways that matter. Celebrity is no longer the currency of value unless it has empathy and philanthropy at its core. The rich are still the rich and the poor are even poorer. The artists who are the soul of the nation are left out in the cold, not forgotten but discarded, not by the people but by the government. I started Waiting in the Wings SA to help, to do my bit in even the smallest way possible. We all have a shared humanity, pain and suffering is universal and hunger knows no boundaries. I want to have come out of this mess knowing I didn't live in the bubble of the privilege my life has given me. While I am not wealthy and grew up on the wrong side of the hill, I have still had more privilege and opportunities than many. I am acutely aware of that and growing up on the wrong side of that hill has also taught me what struggling is... What is life without empathy? What is love without compassion? Owen Lonzar Creative Director/Choreographer

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